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Jorge Elbrecht - Presentable Corpse 001 "Don't End Up Alone" 7"

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Limited Edition of 303 grey and black haze 7" vinyl
(includes digital download card - mp3 and WAV files)

1. Don't End Up Alone (3:30)
1. Through Waves Of Fog (3:25)

Presentable Corpse - 001 is the first release of a new guitar pop project helmed by Jorge Elbrecht (Lansing-Dreiden, Ariel Pink, Violens). Described by Elbrecht as “music created from the perspective of a deceased songwriter” the tracks are simultaneously light and eerie, percussive acoustic guitar strums layered over church organs and choir-like harmonies. It's perhaps a stylistic turn back toward Violens’ “True,” following his co-write on Ariel Pink’s Pom Pom (“Put Your Number In My Phone”) and a 7” from his thrash project Coral Cross. The first track “Don’t End Up Alone” leaps forward with a strobe-like snare fill and acoustic stabs, recalling 60s bands like Agincourt or The Birds. The song then darts back and forth between sections impatiently, utilizing a production and mix treatment which is true only to past decades. B-side “Waves of Fog“ follows more of a pop song format, with a chorus that dives into surf guitar lines and lightly sung vocals. Josh DaCosta’s (Regal Degal) drumming feels energetic and effortless under the yellow fog of reverb and echo. 

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