Donzii "Gladugly" EP (limited edition NEON YELLOW + MELTED GREEN CENTER ORB vinyl)

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Ltd Edition neon yellow + melted green center orb 45 rpm 12” 45 rpm vinyl.
 with 3 insanely great instrumental tracks exclusive to the vinyl
(includes digital download card - mp3 and WAV files)

1. Green Elevator (2:30)
2. Sand (4:37)
3. Luxury Condo Theme (3:40)

SIDE B (vinyl exclusive)
1. Green Elevator (instrumental) (2:30)
2. Sand (instrumental) (4:37)
3. Luxury Condo Theme (instrumental) (3:40)

From the humid, subtropical strangeness of Miami, crossed with the jagged quickness of New York City, Donzii emerged. Combining performance art with a pension for drum machines and bass driven songs, Donzii and Jenna Balfe create an invigorating voice. Donzii began as a collaboration for an art show. They became quickly known for their performance art narrative and skilled musicianship which amassed a cult following in Miami. Their sound, replete with mythical utopian guitars, can be compared to No Wave and Post Punk, yet they do align themselves with any one genre. Currently Donzii is Jenna Balfe on vocals, Dennis Fuller on bass, Danny Heinz on guitar, Miles Hancock on keys & Monroe Getz on drums.



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