Donzii "Mines" EP (limited edition TRANSPARENT DARK BLUE + BLACK SPLATTER vinyl)

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Limited Edition Transparent Dark Blue + Black Splatter 45 rpm 12" vinyl
with 2 vinyl exclusive tracks
(includes digital download card - mp3 and WAV files)


1. Mines (3:27)
2. Pepper (2:52)

SIDE B (vinyl exclusive)
1. Mines (Instrumental) (3:27)
2. Pepper (Instrumental) (2:52)

Donzii is post-punk performance art by Miami via New York no-wave rippers. A hot punch of angular funk backbeats, sinister guitars and singer Jenna Balfe's aggressive nonchalance make this dark must-see, must-dance music for the times. Features Dennis Brewster Fuller on bass, Monroe Getz on drums and Nick DeLucca on guitar.

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